Meet DOMinique

Meet DOMinique - Pro DominatrixMeet DOMinique, professional Dominatrix. Interested in knowing more about me? Hold on to your panties cause you’re in for a wild ride. Living a double life is different, to say the least, during the day I’m a completely different person. Once the sun goes down, it’s time to play. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play with a dominatrix?

Dominique – My Normal Life

My daily life consists of normal things like cooking and cleaning. Maintaining a regular 9-5 job is at the top of my priority list but that dreary desk job doesn’t suck all the life out of me. If you were to meet me in a grocery store, there’s no way you would ever expect my night time persona to involve straps of leather and a padlocked guest bedroom.

No one on the PTA knows of my extracurricular activities (Except for Mark, the head of the PTA, he knows, don’tcha Mark ;)) My floral blouses and unremarkable running shoes never did give me away. That’s part of the fun, the surprise in people’s eyes when they realize that I can give a rather firm flogging.

DOMinique –  Meet My Nighttime Persona

Most people hire me as Mistress DOMinique for personal reasons revolving around the type of things that they enjoy behind closed doors. Jeff from your insurance company doesn’t really want to give up his secret about loving to be whipped, so he hires a dame with the stamina necessary to help him keep his deepest secrets while acting out all the scenarios that make him cum buckets.

Some of the services I provide include, but are not limited to; Flogging, Gagging, Ball crushing, Fisting, Tickling, Humiliation and most types of role play. I’m a kinkster with a wild mind and I love taking control of men. There are always safe words set in place and a contract made up before anything happens so that we understand each other boundaries. Please understand that you MUST obey DOMinique according to the contract. Thanks in advance sissy babes.

Hit me up with all your ball crushing, debilitating humiliation needs. <3