My Fetish Fantasy

My Fetish Fantasy

I have many fetish fantasies but here are my top 5. I think we may share some of these, and if so, you’ll find this really interesting. It’s exciting to find out that other people like the same things you like. It feels like you hit the sexual lottery. And with that, let’s have a quick look at my top 5 favorite fetishes to act out!

  1. Cuckholding: My number one fantasy is watching my partner with someone else. Directing the intimacy at times, or just watching from a distance. It’s like watching live porn with someone incredibly sexy.
  2. Humiliation: I like to make men feel humiliated by saying things that others may find mean, but my partner thinks is exhilarating. It might feel against everything we’ve been taught is right in this world, but I assure you, it’s consensual and psychologically thrilling. Obey me and you’ll be rewarded, cross me and you’ll be punished.
  3. Flogging: There’s something so erotic about taking control of a man as a woman. I go from being small and helpless to strong and powerful. I’m able to exert that energy into something that we both enjoy. Who doesn’t like spankings anyway?
  4. Pegging: This kind of goes hand in hand with flogging. Taking control of a man who is usually the dominant species and making him reverse his role by literally becoming the man. Most men enjoy anal play, some like pegging, others like plugs. I like pegging for a number of reasons. First is taking control and feeling power. The second is inflicting pain and making my sub beg for more.
  5. Exhibitionism: I like to flaunt what I have in public. My body and my slave. Let’s put on a great leather get-up and walk around with your leash in my hand. That sounds like a wonderful first date to me. What do you think?

There you have my top five fetishes and what I like about them. There are plenty more fetishes that exist and that I love to act out. I’ll list some more below and go into detail about what I enjoy about those as well. I’d love to hear from you about what your favorite fetish is and why you like it so much. Head over to the Contact Page and drop me a line. Maybe I’ll include your story on our website if you give me all the juicy details. You can choose to remain anonymous if you’d like.

More Sexy Fetish Fantasies

Listen, just because they didn’t make my top five doesn’t mean they’re not hot AF. BDSM and fetish play is just as intimate and sensual as ‘making love’ and there is nothing wrong or perverted about it. Maybe don’t tell your pastor that you like ball crushing in a casual conversation, but you’re not a pervert or any different than Pastor Bob. He probably has some kinks of his own that he’s not sharing with you either, like that he hooks electrodes up to his nipples while his wife, Karen, tells him he’s been a bad boy. Don’t second guess yourself because society says that the only way to have sex is missionary and that doggy style is taking it “too far”.

Let’s begin our journey at number 6 just so we keep count and don’t confuse the English majors. Hold on tight, here we go!

6. Rope Play: Rope play is a wonderful and artistic way of maintaining control of my sub. It gives me the power to do as I wish and renders him completely defenseless as I embark on my journey of total domination.
7. Electro-Sex: Electrosex is something that is very helpful in medical role play. Do you have a doctor fetish? Nurse fetish? Electrosex will enhance any medical role play you’re into. It’s also a great way to get nerdy! The body is made of mostly water, therefore making it a perfect conductor for electricity. They come in a variety of sexy packages such as vibrators, cock rings. eggs and sticky pads for the nips. I’m about to order some of those electro-eggs!
8. Master May I: One of the oldest, but best in the book. Master May I is a game that is designed to prove devotion and obedience. I tend to combine Master May I and Pick Your Punishment so I can punish for asking for things outside of my comfort zone. Remember, I’m in control, ask my permission at your own risk!
9. Whipping: There are so many different kinds of whips to choose from. What’s your pleasure? Or pain rather.. Either way, whipping is a really fun activity to those of us who enjoy inflicting pain on others or enduring pain as part of a submissive role.


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